welcome home
I received a free eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

WELCOME HOME is an anthology of short stories ranging from contemporary to sci-fi that deal with the pain, complications, and joys of adoption. The stories include a mix of POVs: children dealing with being adopted and parents dealing with giving children up for adoption.

This was an anthology I knew I wanted to read. My older sister is adopted and I’ve seen first hand the confusion and frustration that sometimes goes with being adopted. This book touched on all of those basis and it was genuinely good read. I felt like it took me forever to finish it because I would have to set it down after a few stories. While there are some sci-fi stories (like the parents who are stuck in 1985), there are a few contemporary stories that hit me hard. This anthology takes a good, hard look at blended families, foster care, and the adoption process. I appreciated that it showed the good side of adoption- the stories we want to see where everyone gets the family they wanted- but I’m also thankful that they showed the bad side of adoption- feeling cut off from your culture and the fact that sometimes “forever families” aren’t forever.

There are trigger warning associated with this text. Child abuse is at the front in center in several stories (particularly in SALVATION by Shannon Gibney). EMPTY LENSE by Tameka Mullins has a trigger warning for transphobia. It’s a throw away line that I plan to email the publisher about. The MC talks about meeting a transgirl and says “She is growing into her pretty but I can still see the boy in her.” The line is completely unnecessary.

While I do recommend this anthology, do be aware of it’s sometimes heavy subject matter.


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