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Middle Grade Monday (May 1)

Middle Grade Monday is a weekly post to shed light on a great MG book!


TOOK: A GHOST STORY by Mary Downing Han was a thrilling MG ghost story full of age appropriate frights and a little down-home folklore.

This story follows 13 year old Daniel and his 7 year old sister as they move from their comfortable Connecticut suburb to the dark mountains of West Virginia. Ostracized by the local kids, Daniel and Erica are constantly teased with the story of Auntie, a witch who lives in the woods and snatches little girls and keeps them for 50 years, and her razorback hog, Bloody Bones. But those are just stories, right?

That’s what Daniel thinks until Erica starts talking to her doll and meeting a mysterious figure in the woods behind their house. After the siblings have a fight, Erica goes missing and Daniel knows it’s a race against time to get his sister back from Auntie. Enlisting help from unlikely sources, will Daniel be able to save Erica? Or will it be 50 years until he sees her again?

While I found this book to be enjoyable, there were some troubling elements with the parents. I stated in my original post on goodreads that someone should have called CPS on them and I meant it. Be warned that there is drinking and child neglect in this story, which may be a sensitive subject for some readers and might be something others want to avoid completely.


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