Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday (May 7)

CaptureSunday Funday is an original book meme that will feature a light-hearted read or book I would like to read.

6178469HALFDOLLAR by Bil Lepp tells the story of three friends- Edison, Skeeter, and Charolais- growing up in a small town. Edison, Skeeter, and Charolais prove again and again that three smart-aleck, headstrong, and somewhat lazy adolescents can’t be stifled by a hard town, where unemployment, depression, drunken adults, and bad teachers are as common banjos at a bluegrass festival. Join them as they wrestle with grace, find love, accidentally kill the sheriff, save his life, find beer, flee abuse, cross the country, and make the transition to smart-aleck, headstrong, and somewhat lazy young adults.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bil Lepp at the Athen’s Storytelling Festival a few years ago. He’s a masterful spinner of truth and lies and had the audience laughing and crying over the story about his Mama accidentally crystallizing a turkey when she tried to cook it in their brand new microwave. I was looking for some of his CDs online after the festival when I ran across this book and I immediately ordered it. It’s not the most political correct book and there are some trigger warnings for abuse, but it’s ultimately a triumphant story of survival, friendship, and killing the sheriff (and then bringing him back).

Sometimes I think you have to be from a small Southern town to understand these stories but I think anyone with a sense of humor or anyone who grew up in a strange town will appreciate Lepp’s simple writing style.

And if you ever get the chance to see Lepp perform live- do so. You won’t regret it.


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