Middle Grade Monday

Middle Grade Monday (May 8)

Middle Grade Monday is a weekly post to spotlight a MG book!

22875507familyI first picked up WATCH THE SKY by Kirsten Hubbard in June of 2016. It ended up on a ‘recommended for you’ list on goodreads after I read STARBIRD MURPHY AND THE WORLD OUTSIDE and after reading the synopsis, I wasn’t that impressed and felt a little burned out on the whole cult premise books. I did, however, put this one on my TBR and ended up finding it for super cheap at a used bookstore.

I’m glad I did.

I loved the main character, Jory. I loved how in the beginning he was totally trusting in everything Caleb (his step-father and apparent dooms-day prepper) tells about the “signs” that surround them… even though Caleb seems to be the only one who sees any signs.

I was surprised at the role mental illness plays in this story but was grateful for it. Caleb clearly has PTSD from his time in the service and it has warped his perception of the people and the world around him. Even deeper than that is Jory’s mom. To me, it felt as though she never quite believed Caleb but he had become her “savior” so many years ago that she couldn’t back up on him. She might not have believed him, but she did believe in him- she believed that he would continue to provide for her and the children, which relieved her of having to work outside of the home and kept her agoraphobia at bay.

As stated in several reviews, the ending is abrupt. I, however, will not complain about it as it felt realistic to me. I think the family, specifically Jory’s mom, played along with Caleb’s delusions until it became very evident that he intended to follow through with his plan. The ending was fast but they had a very quick decision to make- to continue to follow Caleb or to decide for themselves if what he was saying was true.

27562475I’m hoping the sequel RACE THE NIGHT will answer some lingering from questions from the first book like where exactly Kit came from and what happened to Caleb and the rest of the family after the end of the book. I haven’t picked this one up yet I’m sure it will be just as fantastic as WATCH THE SKY.


Have you read either of these books?



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