Forever Friday

Forever Friday (May 12)

CaptureForever Friday is an original weekly book meme where I put a spotlight on my forever favorite books!


This week I will be talking about SHE’S COME UNDONE by Wally Lamb. This book follows Dolores Price from the time she’s a little girl through adulthood, chronicling her life and the obstacles she’s faced.

There are some major trigger warnings: rape, death of a parent, eating disorders, suicide attempt, and spousal abuse.

I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews about this book and while I don’t disagree with everything they say, there are a few points that I would like to bring up. This actually isn’t a “fat girl gets skinny and gets happy” story. I’m not sure if the reviewer and I read the same book, but after Dolores loses weight and moves into a life she thinks she wants, things rapidly fall apart. Dolores losing weight doesn’t change her happiness in life. She’s not suddenly happy. In fact, towards the end of the book when Dolores does start discovering her happiness, she’s gained weight back.

I found this book when I needed it. Right after my mom passed away in 2007, I had went to a library book sale and found a tattered copy of SHE’S COME UNDONE. I wandered around the sale with it in my hand and had actually decided to put it back when the librarian spotted it and told me that it was one of her favorites. Sensing I wasn’t convinced, she insisted I take the book for free.

I ended up reading this book back-to-back 3 times before I could put it down. Reading this book was cathartic for me- it opened up wounds and helped me process the death of my mom in a way I don’t think would have been possible if I hadn’t read this book. So while I can understand and sympathize with people who found this book to be problematic, it’s still a book that got me through a very rough time in my life. I love it so much that when I see copies in used bookstores and libraries book sales, I pick them up. This book is a little slice of home to me.


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