Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday (May 14)

CaptureSunday Funday is an original book meme that will feature a light-hearted read or book I would like to read.

28791088ADORKABLE by Cookie O’ Gorman follows 17-year-old Sally Spitz, a complete dork who is 100% done with boys and being set up on blind dates. Unfortunately, her friend Hooker and her mom are completely ignoring that memo. Sally knows if she wants to get out of another awkward date, she’s going to need to secure a fake boyfriend- fast.

Enter Becks- soccer phenom, all-American good guy, and Sally’s best friend and neighbor since birth. In a fit of desperation, Sally asks him to help her out and pretend to be her boyfriend which might not have been the best decision since Sally is actually in love with him.

This a cute and fluffy, super tropey, best friends to lover book and I LOVE IT. This is the literal embodiment of what feel good fiction should be. Yes, there is the tiniest twinge of angst but it’s short lived and you just know that Sally is going to get the boy… and Becks is going to get his girl.

So if you want a story where the nerd wins, read this!



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