Talking Tuesday

Talking Tuesday

ttTalking Tuesday is an original meme created by me! Because sometimes you just want to talk about books without a theme.

This week I want to talk about books that I really want to reread again. Last week on twitter, I finally gave in and did the ‘1 like = 1 character I love’ meme, and as I was going through my goodreads to jog my memory of characters I love… I realized there are a TON of book I would love to reread (maybe this year!).

6320534I read UNDER THE DOME by Stephen King in late 2015 and absolutely LOVED it. It’s another massive King novel with more characters than you can shake a stick out, and yeah, maybe the alien thing is a little over the top but I loved every single second of this book. I own the two mass market paperbacks (the book was split into part 1 & 2) and it made reading it seem much more manageable. This book is full of characters to love and hate… it doesn’t get much better than that, right?



233682Another King novel! Pet Sematary was my introduction to the frightening world of Steven King… I had nightmares for days. There’s just something about evil undead cats and babies that shake me to the core.

It’s not even that, really- King is a master of setting in this book. You’ll get a case of the shivers when nothing is really happening.

This one will probably be a part of my October TBR.


38709HOLES by Louis Sachar is a true classic to me. I remember first “reading” this book in 4th grade in Mrs. Shelton’s class. Every day after lunch, Mrs. Shelton would turn off the lights and let us have a rest while she read us a book. HOLES was one of those books and it stuck with me.

I’m definitely ready to revisit Stanley, Zero, the yellow-spotted Lizards, Mr. Sir, and the rest of the boys at Camp Green Lake!



22896I saw the movie PRACTICAL MAGIC before I ever knew there was a book. It’s really hard for me to say which one I prefer, but I can say that I love Gillian and Sally with all of my heart. Maybe Sally a little more, shh.

When I first read this book (and then watched the movie for the 100th time), it stirred up that part of me that desperately wants to be magical and have magic aunties who make midnight margaritas. A person can dream, right?

This will be another October read.


1201724Last fall, I bought a ton of October and Halloween themed books off of ThriftBooks. I had no idea what any of them were other than that common theme. DARK HARVEST by Norman Partridge was one of those books I randomly picked and oh my god, what a book.

A town haunted by the October Boy sends their young men out every year on Halloween to kill him. One boy will win… but at what cost? Who is the October Boy, why does he come back, and why… why does he seem so familiar.

Definitely on my October TBR.


12000020You can just look at this cover and understand why I want to reread ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE by Benjamin Alire Saenz.

I read this book back in 2015 when I was first starting to really get into LGBTQAIP+ YA fiction and I’ve loved it ever since. I’m not sure why I haven’t already reread this, but it’s definitely on my June TBR.



What are some books you want to reread this year?


4 thoughts on “Talking Tuesday

  1. Omg I remember Holes! I think it was supposed to be something we read for school but we never did, we had other books instead, so my curiosity got the better of me and I picked it up! I watched the movie immediately afterwards. I also own Pet Sementry and just haven’t got around to reading it. I love that King’s books feel like…everything in your house has been replaced with something completely identical and your house now feels off but because everything is identical you don’t know why, that feeling of unease. It’s really good and talented writing


  2. I haven’t reread any books this year so far, but you reminded me about Holes. I read it in my fourth grade class, too. I remember how on the last day of school we had the choice to relax or to listen to the rest of Holes. My class chose Holes and I definitely don’t regret that decision.

    On the topic of rereading, I will probably try one of my Warriors books. It’ll bring me back to my third grade obsession.

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