Author: Leigh Bardugo
Rating: 4/5
TW: Death, blood, abuse.
Series: The Grisha Series (Book 3)

14061957RUIN AND RISING by Leigh Bardugo is the last installment of the Grisha series. The book picks up where SIEGE & STORM leaves off with Alina and Mal stuck underground, The Darkling running amok, and our sweet Prince Nikolai nowhere to be found.

I had heard a ton of people saying I would be disappointed with the ending and while I wish it would have ended differently (I will be talking spoilers at the end… and I will let you know when those spoilers start), I was overall ok with the conclusion of this trilogy.

Having said that, I will say that Alina and Mal never grew on me as characters. I thought by the end I would love Alina, but that never happened. I’m not sure if was just because she was such a bland character or if The Darkling and Nikolai just outshined her. Everyone seemed to have such complex backgrounds (even the side characters) but Alina and Mal were just… flat.

I would recommend this series though… just because of Darkling and Nikolai. Seriously. They are amazing characters.

Spoilers under the cut: I had two major disappointments in this last book. The first being that The Darkling did not get any type of redemption arc and he deserved it. With the death of his mom, we got a sense of the human underneath all of his darkness and I really wanted to see that explored.

The next was that Alina basically had to lose her powers in order to be with Mal. It wouldn’t have worked out between them if she hadn’t because Mal was more interested in the girl she was before she discovered her powers than he was in the girl she actually was. I’m not saying she belonged with Nikolai (let’s be real, she didn’t deserve him) but Bardugo painted Nikolai and Alina as having SO much chemistry, something Alina and Mal really lacked. To see the two of them run off to some happy ever after felt really cheap.


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