Spooky Saturday

Spooky Saturday


Spooky Saturday is an original weekly meme to spotlight a spooky, scary, or just plain creepy book!

Damn, Weezie! Back at it again with the Stephen King.

When I decided to bring Spooky Saturday back, Brit asked “Why don’t you just call it Stephen King Saturday. You know you want to.”

And I kind of do.


Stephen King isn’t the only spooky author I read (although, my posts don’t prove that). However, I am back with another Stephen King book: PET SEMATARY.

832795I’ve talked before about how I wasn’t allowed to watch TV growing up with the exception of when I was at my Grandma’s house. While Grandma never really let me watch anything scarier than Mama’s Family, my older cousins delighted in scaring the crap out of me while movies that they knew probably weren’t suitable for a fragile 5 year old’s mind.

PET SEMATARY was one of those movies. The thing that scared me most in the movie was Victor and his rotten face and Gage in his fancy little suit. I had nightmares about hat fancy little suit. Years later I watched the movie again and it was much less scary and definitely more cheesy than my small 5 year old self had remembered.

However, the book is not cheesy. It’s not. It’s scary… like I-didn’t-go-outside-at-night-for-two-weeks-after-reading-it scary.

I’ve said this before but King is absolutely brilliant when it comes to setting the mood for his stories. There are things I’ve forgotten about the book in the time since I last read it and now but I can honestly still recall how creeped out I was when Jud and Louis took that walk past the ‘Pet Sematary’ and continued on a terrifying journey to the “real cemetery”. I kept having to put the book down because the setting was so vivid and real that it felt like I was right there with them.

Maybe the most disturbing scene of the book was when Louis digs his dead son back up in order to transport him to the burial ground that had brought the family cat back to life. The entire time I was reading it, I just kept whispering “Oh no. No, no, no, no, no.” because it is SO hard to imagine someone doing something so vile and disgusting as digging up a deceased loved one.

Don’t tell me this wouldn’t give you nightmares.

A little fact about this book: King never actually intended to publish it. When he completed the manuscript, he set it aside believing that no one would ever want to read it because of how twisted and dark it is. He only submitted it to fulfill a contract. King was incredibly shocked at the reception the book received since the book is basically just one dark spiral- there is nothing happy about this book.


Despite it probably being the darkest novel he’s ever written, PET SEMATARY is probably my favorite King book and I can’t wait to read it (and be scared) all over again!


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