Author: Shira Glassman
Pages: 68
Format: Ebook
ARC?: No.
Rating: 5/5
TW/CW: None
Rep: Jewish, bisexual, fat.

34732711 ONE, GIRL TWO by Shira Glassman is an honestly delightfully book.

Small-batch independent yarn dyer Clara Ziegler is eager to brainstorm new color combinations–if only she could come up with ideas she likes as much as last time! When she sees Danielle Solomon’s paintings of Florida wildlife by chance at a neighborhood gallery, she finds her source of inspiration. Outspoken, passionate, and complicated, Danielle herself soon proves even more captivating than her artwork…

I usually don’t read short stories because I feel like I never have enough time to get invested in the characters or their lives but at the recommendation of a friend, I purchased this little gem and was immediately in love with the cover.

While I don’t know a whole lot about knitting or hand-dyed yarns, I do have a solid appreciation for beautiful yarn and the work and effort that goes into making it. Glassman did an excellent job of describing the process without it becoming an overbearing instruction manual. I think the brief descriptions of what Clara was doing intermingled with the romantic plot so well that I have to give kudos to Glassman for making me look forward to those little snippets.

This book was enough to make my heart soar in just a tiny space of 68 pages. If you want some fluffy f/f romance, this is the one for you!



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