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You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag!


This tag was created by ReadLikeWildfire and Beccathebookreviewer, and the premise of the tag is this: Write down 30 character names on a individual slips of paper and toss them in a bowl (hat, dish, whatever). For each of the 15 question, select two names. From the two names selected, pick who you would keep and who you would say “You’re not good enough” to!

1. You only have one more spot on your Spelling Bee team. Who would you pick to complete your team?

Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) vs Miel (When The Moon Was Ours)

I’ve got to go with… Luna! After learning all those complicated spells and writing all those essays, I know my girl has to be good spelling.


2. Both characters want to kill you, which one do you kill first to have a better chance of surviving?

Amy (Dorothy Must Die) vs Starr (The Hate U Give)

Amy. She’s a skilled fighter and a trained killer. Starr better run… I think I’m probably not going to survive that fight… and then Amy’s coming for her.

3. You’re on the bachelor/bachelorette an you’re down to these two characters, which one are you going to give your rose too?

Reid (Upside of Unrequited) vs Finn (Bone Gap)

Oh no! This is actually a super hard one because these are two of my favorite fictional boys. As much as I love sweet Reid… I think I’m going to have to go with Finn. I just love a dreamer.

4. You’ve been chosen for the Hunger Games, who would most likely volunteer in your place?

Gansey (The Raven Cycle) vs Percy (Percy Jackson Series)

Another hard one. I think both would be really likely to volunteer… but I’m going to go with Gansey just because I think he would impulsively volunteer (my son has no sense of his self worth) with Percy would have inner conflict before ultimately volunteering. So, Gansey would win because of timing?

5. You’re stranded on an island. Which character would you sacrifice to engage in cannibalism?

Shahrzad (The Wrath and the Dawn) vs Weezie (Weezie/Bebe series)

Sorry fictional Weezie… there can only be one.

6. You’re the next DC/Marvel superhero (with your own tv show of course), who is your sidekick?

Lara Jean vs Peter K (both from To All the Boys)

Peter K. I love Lara Jean but I feel like Peter K would have less problems with beating the bad guys up and destroying an entire city in the process.

7. You’re a manager of an Avocado admiring company, who would you fire for lack of communication skills?

Dumplin (Dumplin) vs Anne (Anne of Green Gables)

Dumplin. Listen, no one is EVER going to accuse Anne of not communicating. Plus, Dumplin has a habit of holding things in. Right, Bo?

8. You’ve just finished a book in which your favorite character dies, which character is most likely to comfort you?

Anise (Girl Out of Water) vs Nox (Dorothy Must Die)

While I think my boy, Nox, would be down for kicking whatever book upset me, I don’t think he’s going to be much comfort. Anise would probably be the one to step in.

9. Ugh, it’s high school. Who would most likely be part of the popular clique?

Simon (Simon VS) vs Bebe (Weezie/Bebe series)

Bebe is already a socialite! She was definitely the popular girl in school.

10. The day has arrived; you’re finally a year older! Who would have the nerve to forget your birthday?

Monty (The Gentleman’s Guide) vs Cas (Anna Dressed in Blood)

While I don’t think either of these guys would be very good at remembering birthdays, I think Cas would probably be more likely to forget. He’s got ghosts to kill and no time to remember… well, anything else.

11. You’ve just found an upcoming booktube star? Who would most likely be?

Inej (Six of Crows) vs Nikolai (Shadow and Bone)

Are you kidding?? The love of my life, Nikolai, would NEVER miss a chance to do a little preening. He’d definitely be a daily vlogger.

12. Sleepover time! Unfortunately you can only invite one person, who would you invite?

Molly (Upside of Unrequited) vs Kevin (The Foxhole Court)

Molly! We would definitely have a pinterest sleepover party. Plus, Kevin is my babe but he’d probably just get drunk and talk about Exy all night. Nope.

13. Bam, you’re pregnant. Who’s the father/mother?

Ashish vs Dimple (When Dimple Met Rishi)

I mean… I’m going to say Ashish.

14. You’ve just written a super important text. Who would ‘see’ it, but not reply?

Mackie (The Replacements) vs Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables)

Mackie. Gil is too much of a gentleman to ever ignore someone on anything important.

15. You’ve just woken up and it’s time for breakfast. Your mum’s been replaced by..who?!

Leah (Simon VS) vs Kaz (Six of Crows)

Can I just raise myself? I mean, in the long run… Leah is probably the best option. I love Kaz just.. nah.


And that’s it for this tag! Any of my picks you disagree with? Let me know!


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