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R.I.P It or Ship It


I found this tag floating around and haven’t been able to pin down just where it started. But, this seems like a super fun tag and I wanted to get in on it. If you know who created this tag (or maybe it was you!) please let me know so I can add proper credit.

The gist of this tag is simple: write down an even number of character names (I picked 20) and put them in a container to be selected at random. Pull out two names and tell whether you ship them.. or rip them.

Reid (Upside of Unrequited) and Dimple (When Dimple Met Rishi)

Ship! I think Reid’s overall niceness would go well with some of Dimple’s more rough edges.

Molly (Upside of Unrequited) and Felicity (The Gentleman’s Guide)

R.I.P! I’m not sure if Felicity is aroace or just ace… but either way, she doesn’t seem to want any kind of relationship. I think they’d be great friends, though!

Anne and Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables)

SHIP SHIP SHIP! I think it’s totally fate that I pulled these out together. Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe just belong together!

Adam and Gansey (The Raven Cycle)

Ship! Another fate pairing, I was so disappointed they didn’t fall in love in the books.

Kevin (The Foxhole Court) and River (Between the Devil and…)

R.I.P! Two self obsessed boys seems like a recipe for trouble. I think River would definitely dominate Kevin and that boy is already messed up. No, no, sons. Not today.

Elise (This Song Will Save Your Life) and Anise (Girl Out of Water)

SHIP!! I think these two have a lot in common. Elise would teach Anise how to DJ and Anise would teach Elise how to surf.

Simon (SIMON VS) and Neil (The Foxhole Court)

Ship! Simon would be so good for Neil and I think having a supportive family base would do wonders for Neil.

Starr (THUG) and Abby (My Best Friend’s Exorcism)

R.I.P. I think Starr would be weary of Abby’s white girl antics.

Dumplin’ (DUMPLIN’) and Nox (Dorothy Must Die)

Ship! I don’t know why I ship this other than I ship all hot dudes with Dumplin’. She deserves it.

Leah (SIMON VS) and Kaz (SOC)

Ship! Why does Leah and Kaz get paired together for every tag I do? It’s fate. It has to be. I think Leah and Kaz would get along as well as they get along with anyone else. Plus, Kaz would totally rip Martin’s eye out for her. I’m here for it.


I hope you enjoyed this tag!


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