Spooky Saturday: IT Update


Remember when I started IT by Stephen King all those months ago and I was like “Yeah, I’m going to read 100 pages every day so I can finish it fast!”

And then I said “I’m going to read it exclusively on the weekends but it shouldn’t take me long!”

And now I’m like, “I’m scared. This book haunts me. I still have 600 pages to go. I hate clowns. Send help.”

C99O54SUMAAxzp9Last weekend, I dove back into IT. I only read 40 pages before I tapped out (it was dark outside, I was scared). This isn’t a normal horror novel. This isn’t a “scary, not scary, not scary, scary” book.

No, IT is a horror novel that you’re terrified of from the start. I don’t think I’ve gone more than 2 pages without something absolutely terrifying happening.

My last update left us with the Loser Gang, now adults, meeting back in Derry. They’ve come together to try and end Pennywise… for good this time. After a terrifying lunch (I will never look at fortune cookies the same), the gang splits up to explore their old stomping grounds. Each of them is drawn to a certain place and they face Pennywise. I find it pretty strange that Pennywise offers each of them a chance to leave town, almost as if IT is scared of them.

The gang is also starting to get pieces of their memories back. If you haven’t read the book, none of them really remember what happened that summer or how they defeated Pennywise. But as they’ve come back to Derry, little memories have started pushing their way up.


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