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25 Bookish Facts… About Me!

CaptureI was watching some older BookTube videos and came across this 25 Bookish Facts tag. I really wanted to do this so… here we are! The generally consensus is that no one really knows who started the tag, so props to you if it was you!

1. When I started hanging around the book community, it was strictly on tumblr… which probably was not the best initiation into the book community. But I thought the word “bookish” was super cute until someone commented on one of my posts with “Ugh, I hate that word!” They were pretty big in the community and I was SUPER humiliated because people were agreeing with them… on my post… so I got to see all of their responses. It took me a while to be like “Psch, I love the word bookish!” (That person is STILL a killjoy)

2. I rarely mark my page. I just have a really good memory for what page I was on.

3. I don’t care different covers. When everyone else has a heart attack about cover changes, I’m just like “Yeah, ok.”

4. I also don’t care if I own a series in paperback/hardback mix. A lot of times I end up with a paperback first book and hardback sequel… and that’s no big deal to me.

5. I took a reading class in sixth grade, not understanding it was supposed to be for kids who had problems reading. Somehow the school missed that and when the teacher realized I really, really loved reading and had great comprehension, she just let me read books and write book reports for class grades. That was probably the happiest school year of my life.

6. In 9th grade, my English teacher held a competition to see who could read the most books in the school year. I won with 112 books and she gave me a $100 gift card to the book store.

7. I don’t understand the obsession with bookish candles. Y’all could find the same thing at the store, I’m just saying.

8. I am super terrible at remembering characters in series. If I have any gap between the first book and the next, I’m like “WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE??”

9. I almost dread the Q&A portion of book panels because someone ALWAYS asks a question with a spoiler attached. Y’all. Not everyone has read the book in question. Please don’t do that ish!

10. I’ve read the entire Harry Potter series 7 times. Magical numbers, y’all.

11. When I was in elementary school, I always entered those young author conferences and my first year doing it, I got to meet Bill Martin, Jr., the author of CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM. A few “young authors” were invited to his friend’s house who lived very close to where we lived at the time. I went with my teacher and… it was mostly adults there because the other kids had backed out. When he was signing my book, I started crying because I was really overwhelmed by all the adults (I had anxiety even as a kid) and I just remember he was so kind to me and asked me to sit behind the desk with him and have snacks.

12. I was also published in an elementary school poetry anthology. I had written a poem about my dad and it was selected… and that sounds really good until the anthology was published and a parent complained because they said my poem couldn’t have been written by a kid. (It wasn’t JUST me. She picked 4 or 5 other poems out, too, because no one could write poetry better than her child, apparently) It became a “thing” and we actually had like this meeting where my Mom was like “We hate poetry… it’s pretentious, why would we write it for her?” I think that convinced them.

13. I never look at the maps in a book. Whoops.

14. I don’t ever plan to have a clear TBR shelf.

15. HOWEVER, I would like to get that TBR shelf down to a manageable level.

16. I am super bad about requesting books on NG before seeing what the rating is on Goodreads. Probably would save me a headache…

17. I try to take notes on individual stories in anthologies… but I generally get tired of that about half-way through and just stop.

18. When I fancast a male lead in any book… I just imagine Matthew Daddario. I don’t care if the author says he’s skinny, blonde, and short- he’s Matthew Daddario.

19. All female leads in a book are Devery Jacobs. I don’t make the rules. She’s beautiful.

20. I used to never read more than 1 book at a time but lately I’ve been reading 2-3 at a time. It helps me balance books I really want to read, review books, and projects.

21. I can’t do audiobooks. I’ve tried. I don’t know if it’s because I’m HoH, but I feel like I don’t retain anything from the book.

22. I don’t lend my favorite books to anyone. It’s silly because if something terrible was to happen, I could just buy another copy but my brain tells me it wouldn’t be the same.

23. Twilight is the book that got me into YA.

24. I always take the dust jacket off of my book before I read it. I hate the way they slide around and basically try to undress themselves. Like, just let me do it for you. (That came out weird)

25. My parents have NO IDEA how I learned how to read. Apparently when I was 3, I just picked up the newspaper and asked my Dad what a freedom reward was. When he took the paper, he realized I was actually reading the paper. We sort of believe it’s because my parents read to me with the book turned towards me so I just… learned how to read that way? I don’t know but I haven’t stopped reading since!


Those are my 25 Bookish Facts! I always feel weird about tagging people, so if you want to talk about your bookish stuff, please feel free to do so!


5 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts… About Me!

  1. I can only do audiobooks if I’ve read the book. I can’t retain anything if it’s a book I’ve never read. Twilight was also the book that got me into YA, and I also take off the dust jacket before reading.

    Thanks for sharing! This was fun to read.

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