Weezie’s 2018 Bookolutions!


Happy New Year, my bookish loves!

If you’re reading this, you survived the entirety of 2017 which has arguable been the worst year of my entire existence. But we survived, we’re here, and hopefully 2018 will be a year of thriving not just surviving.

As I stated last year, I’m pretty awful at sticking to resolutions. So before I launch into 2018s bookolutions, I want to take a peek at last years and see how I did.

My 2017 bookolutions were:

  1. Avoid book challenges and readathons. I did great with this one until the end of the year. I’m not against book challenges or readathons but in 2016, I felt like I let those things dictate a lot of my reading habits and I wanted to break that cycle and mindset. And I did! The first readathon I did this year was #MiniMoji and when I felt very ‘meh’ about it halfway through, I just allowed myself to stop. No big deal.
  2. Reduce my TBR by either reading or unhauling. I unhauled 150 books in 2017 and still have 427 unread books in my home. I tried?
  3. Limit myself to three brand new books a month. I think I did ok with this one. There were a few months where I bought more than 3 brand new books and a few months where I bought none at all! I think it balanced itself out in the end.
  4. Read more freely. My biggest goal with this was to break the mindset I had that I needed to read the latest and greatest releases in YA. I wanted to read more middle grade. I wanted to read older releases. I wanted to read books that weren’t so hyped. This one was pretty easy!
  5. Support more Native authors. I can always, always do better at this and I am looking forward to reading the great releases coming out this year!

This year I have similar goals except for #1.

I want to actually participate in readathons this year. Since I’m determined to get my physical TBR into a more manageable order, I feel like readathons will help me knock out the smaller books on my shelves since I seem to be forever overlooking them (I like big books and I cannot lie…).

My goals this year are pretty simple:

  1. Read 100 books from my TBR. At this point, that’s not even putting a good dent in the amount of books I have accumulated in the last few years. I’m working on doing some unhauls, too, especially those that I pick for my monthly TBR and end up not reading.
  2. Post 15 times a month on the blogs with at least half being reviews. This one doesn’t seem hard but I’ve fallen off a normal blogging schedule the last few months. I could blame my busy schedule (I mean, it is busy) but I really just fell out of love with blogging due to some of the things going on in the YA community. Thankfully I’m putting all of that to the side, putting my blinders on, and staying in my “adult who reads YA” lane.
  3. Get my Netgalley to zero. I love Netgalley, I love ARCs. I do not love ebooks. I’ve struggled a lot with migraines brought on by staring at an ereader this year and while I thought about buying a Kindle Paperwhite, I can’t justify the expense since I don’t read that many ebooks right now.
  4. Participate in more readathons. I talked about this one above.
  5. Be more active on bookstagram, litsy, and do more instagram live shows. Something I learned towards the last half of November is that I really, really love doing Insta stories for mini reviews and updates! It started out as a therapy exercise to help with my dissociation turned into something fun. Win/win. I also want to post more pictures for bookstagram and litsy because it’s such a good way to keep up with what I’ve read.

And those are my bookish goals for 2018! If you’re interested in following my progress in real time, you can check out my instagram, follow me on Litsy (handle is: weeziesbooks), and/or add my TBR Beatdown GoodReads account!

I’m also going to be taking a 3 month hiatus from Twitter to write my book! I’ll check in from time to time, but I’m severely limiting my social media presence while I focus on getting Jamie and Bailey’s story written. I will still be posting here and on instagram, but I am easily sucked into Twitter and I need that hiatus to keep me focused.

What are your bookolutions for 2018?



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