Authorial Services


I am currently open for various authorial services!

Services I offer:

Author Assistant services include:

  • Beta reads
  • Social media maintenance
  • Respond to readers
  • Handle email and all physical mail
  • Interact with bloggers and organize virtual blog tours/other promotions
  • Help with research
  • Keep calendar and appointments with weekly/daily reminders
  • Newsletters

Since I am new to this, my rates will be vary greatly depending on the need of the author. I do offer contracts to outline what is clearly expected of me with an out-clause for both parties.

If you don’t need a full assistant, I also offer these other services:

Organization Services include:

  • Maintaining calendar/appointments with weekly/daily reminders.
  • Social media maintenance.

Mail Services include:

  • Handling incoming emails from readers
  • Handling all book related physical mail (mailing bookplates/book marks/stickers and also incoming reader mail

Social Media Services include:

  • Social Media maintenance
  • Organizing blog tours
  • Interacting with bloggers/readers


Prices for Organization, Mail, and Social Media will vary depending on the need of the author. Most will start at $30/month for each service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.