Review Policies

Review Policies

Am I currently accepting review requests? Yes.

NOTE: If you are a Native author, you will be given priority in my review queue. As a Mvskoke Native, I am always excited to shine a spotlight on other Native’s works.

If you would like me to review your book, please keep these things in mind:

I read:

  1. Young adult literature (all genres except high fantasy)
  2. Middle grade literature (all genres)
  3. Psychological thrillers
  4. Horror/paranormal
  5. General adult fiction
  6. Literary Fiction
  7. Cozy mysteries.
  8. LGBTQIAP+ Fiction and Non-fiction

I do NOT read:

  1. Adult sci-fi
  2. YA and Adult High Fantasy
  3. Romance

As a Diversity blogger, I do prioritize #ownvoices books. I do understand the pressures marginalized authors face when writing books, so I also welcome non- OwnVoices books from marginalized authors.

If I don’t feel that I can give you a fair review, I will not accept your book but will make every effort to find a blogger who will be able to do so.

Depending on my workload, reviews can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks from the time I receive the book. If there is a pressing need for the review to be done sooner, please contact me to see if those arrangements can be made. Accepting a review book does not always mean you will receive a positive review- I am honest in everything I write on this blog and that includes stating if I decided to DNF a book and why I DNFed it. I try to be as specific about things I do and don’t like in my reviews.

If I accept your book for review, please specify if you want the review to be posted on Amazon or Barnes&Noble.