Spooky Saturday

#SpookySaturday (April 29)


This week’s Spooky Saturday is brought to you by the letter H. As in, HOLY HELL.

I first read 127 HOURS ON THE MOON by Johan Harstad at the first of 2016. I had seen a few reviews on it that said the book was just ok until the last 50 or so pages and then it was terrifying. I generally will not read a book that has to be nearly finished to be good, but on the insistence of a friend, I read it.

It’s not a lie that the first 75% of the book is kind of lacking. There are huge info dumps that make everything drag and the plot feels flimsy. But when the action in the book starts rolling, holy hell, is it terrifying.

Me, myself, and I love aliens and space and all the wonderings that come along with both. However, this book scared the space loving right out of me for a while. It was bad enough that for several nights, if something was out in my car that I needed, well, it was just there until morning (I live in the country. It’s dark.). It made me think a lot about if I actually wanted there to be aliens (spoiler alert: I do) and what kind of things our first space explorers might have seen but aren’t allowed to talk about. And then I came across this picture.

The face of a man who has seen some space shit.


And I’m convinced that maybe Johan Harstad’s novel isn’t that far off base. I mean, if you were any alien, would you want a bunch of people traipsing through your backyard? I think not.


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